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WARNING: Accommodation Scam Alert
If you are contacted by another company or agency offering housing, please note these companies are not authorized to represent the ISAKOS Congress nor do they have access to official contracted room blocks and rates. Please do not supply your credit card details to these agencies. Please note: The ISAKOS Office does not disclose or forward any contact details to third parties. These agencies do not have access to information on hotel bookings you arrange with official ISAKOS organizers. Please be aware that these unauthorized companies might not deliver what they promise in terms of quality and location. Rates may be inflated or extra charges placed on credit cards. If you are contacted by any agency other than the ISAKOS Office or the Official ISAKOS Congress Housing Bureau, please contact us right away.

We recommend that you reserve your accommodations using only the official ISAKOS Congress booking links found within The Congress website. Thank you.