ISAKOS Fellowships and Scholarships

ISAKOS Global Traveling Fellowship

Coordinated by the ISAKOS Traveling Fellowship Committee, the fellowship will provide the opportunity for orthopaedic surgeons from five regions to travel with an ISAKOS Godfather to the region of the next ISAKOS Congress. Fellows will have the opportunity to observe sports orthopaedic surgeries performed by highly respected surgeons, discuss the surgical procedures and all aspects of patient management, and to discuss and share research experience.

ISAKOS Knee Arthroplasty Traveling Fellowship

Sponsored by Nicolaas C. Budhiparama & Inge Widjaja
Nicolaas Institute of Constructive Orthopaedic Research & Education Foundation for Arthroplasty & Sports Medicine

Knee Arthroplasty Fellowships are available every other year to young orthopaedic surgeons interested in the study and advancement of Knee Arthroplasty. The dual purpose of the fellowship is to improve knee arthroplasty in developing nations and to promote better understanding and communication amongst knee surgeons around the world.

The Patellofemoral Traveling Fellowship

Sponsored by the Patellofemoral Foundation, Inc.

The Patellofemoral Traveling Fellowship was established in 2005 by the Patellofemoral Foundation and ISAKOS to promote better understanding and communication around the world regarding Patellofemoral pain. The Patellofemoral Traveling Fellowship is available on a competitive basis to an orthopaedic surgeon interested in the study and advancement of understanding of the Patellofemoral joint.

ISAKOS Young Investigator's Scholarship & Research Mentoring Program

The ISAKOS Young Investigator's Scholarship and Research Mentoring Program was developed by the ISAKOS Scientific Committee as a mentor-mentee program for young investigators with specific focus on developing countries. The Young Investigator Program seeks to stimulate research and education in developing countries, foster international collaboration, and promote academic excellence in arthroscopy, knee surgery and orthopaedic sports medicine.