ISAKOS: 2019 Congress in Cancun, Mexico

2019 ISAKOS Biennial Congress Faculty


Andreas Voss, MD

sporthopaedicum & University Hospital of Regensburg
Regensburg, BY GERMANY

Associate professor Andreas Voss, M.D. was trained at the Department of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine at the Technical University of Munich and the Department of Trauma Surgery at the University Hospital of Regensburg. He is specialized in shoulder and elbow surgery and is currently working the sporthopaedicum group in Regensburg. In-between his training he spent one year as a Sports Medicine Research Fellow at the University of Connecticut (Farmington, USA), focusing in shoulder research and surgery. Besides his medical degree from the University of Regensburg (Germany), he also graduated from the SRH University of Riedlingen as a health economist, specialized in hospital management. He is an active member of the ESA-ESSKA section, working within the communication group. He also is an active member of the Association for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery (AGA), German Association for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (DVSE), and the International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS). Within the ISAKOS he works as a member of the shoulder committee. Besides his enthusiasm and interest in research, he also greatly supports medical education. Therefore, he was one of the founding members of a special student’s board within the AGA. Due to a unique stepwise curriculum, the medical students are taught in the basic principles of joint surgery to enthuse them for orthopaedic surgery. He also holds the certificate of higher education of Bavaria and received serval grants and awards (e.g. co.don Research Award, Alwin Jäger Foundation Award, ESSKA-ESA Contributor Award, German Research Foundation grant, AGA Research grant, Research Award - Brazilian Congress of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Bavarian Research Alliance grant)

Sat 05/11
12:25 - 12:40
Concurrent 4 - Cozumel 2+A Session II: The Rotator Cuff
Surgical Video
Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
Sat 05/11
12:40 - 13:00
Concurrent 4 - Cozumel 2+A Session II: The Rotator Cuff
Sun 05/12
09:00 - 09:45
Concurrent 2 - Cozumel 1+5 Shoulder Instability
Complex Issues in Instability Surgery: A Case-Based Approach
Mon 05/13
07:30 - 09:00
Costa Maya B ICL #7
Instructional Course Lecture
Instability of the Shoulder: A Case-Based Approach
Knee - Meniscus
Varus Alignment Highly Affects Peak Pressure After Horizontal Leaflet Resection of the Medial Meniscus


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