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Official Congress Hotels

Please find the official ISAKOS Congress Hotels below. Each hotel has its unique booking process. Please use these Official Congress Hotel maps to assist you when selecting a hotel:

All Official Congress Hotels Map
Downtown Shanghai Hotels Map
Hotel & Airport Transportation Information

Chinese Translation Available: Download Congress Hotel & Room Rate Summary

Tour Opportunities

Explore all that Shanghai has to offer!

ISAKOS arranged for Congress attendees and their guests to have the opportunity to register for day tours in Shanghai and the surrounding areas. Please note, tour logistics and specifics are subject to change.

Important Note: Tours will be operated exclusively for the ISAKOS Congress participants and guests. Tour prices are quoted in $ USD and Chinese Renminbi (CNY), per person (additional taxes and fees may apply). Please do not contact ISAKOS directly for questions regarding your Tour Registration. Contact the ISAKOS 2017 Tour Bureau – MCI Group, Shanghai.

International Airport

Shanghai Pudong International Airport
S1 Yingbin Expy
Pudong Xinqu
Shanghai Shi, CHINA 201202

Airport Code: PVG

Hotel & Airport Transportation Information

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is approximately 55 km (34 mi) from the Shanghai Convention & Exhibit Center of International Sourcing. Example travel time & fare: A taxi from the airport to the Convention Center or JW Marriott will take approximately 60 minutes and cost about CNY200 (price and time will vary according to traffic conditions).

Please Note: Taxis in China do not accept credit cards as payment. Please prepare accordingly and change foreign currency to Chinese Renminbi (RMB) (see "Currency" section in Shanghai Travel Tips below).

Discounted Airfare Offers

ISAKOS has partnered with Delta, Lufthansa and United Airlines to offer you discounted airfare for the 2017 ISAKOS Congress.

Domestic and international discounts range from 2-10% off of published airfare and vary by market and booking class. Restrictions may apply. For further assistance, please contact the Airline directly.

How to Get a Visa for China

We strongly encourage attendees to begin the Visa Letter Application process as soon as possible.

A valid Passport and visa is required to enter China. If you are uncertain of your requirements please consult your nearest Chinese Embassy at your earliest convenience.

  • Step 1 - Register for the 2017 ISAKOS Congress

    Select one of the following Visa Invitation Letter options during registration for yourself and your spouse (if applicable):

    • Electronic Copy (PDF) - No Additional Fee
    • Electronic Copy (PDF) for Spouse - US $20
    • Printed Original Delivered via Express Mail - US $100
    • Do Not Need Visa
  • Step 2 - Complete the Online Visa Invitation Letter Application.

    • If your spouse requires a visa invitation letter, an extra US $20 shall be added to your registration and a separate Online Visa Invitation Letter Application must be submitted.
    • The visa invitation letter application link is also included in your ISAKOS Congress Registration Confirmation email or on the Registration webpage
  • Step 3 - MCI CHINA SHANGHAI will process the Visa Invitation Letter Application

    • Completed Visa Letters will be emailed or mailed to the address provided by the Congress registrant during the Congress registration process
  • Step 4 - Consult your nearest Chinese Embassy or consulate and apply for a China Visa

For registrants who need a confirmation letter of invitation from a Chinese authority unit should contact the Chinese embassy for requirements at least two months prior to the Congress

*Information provided above regarding visas and passports, is supplied as a courtesy. ISAKOS is NOT responsible for any errors, changes or omissions in the information listed above. Please contact your consulate when planning your travel.

For additional questions regarding the Visa process, please contact the ISAKOS Office at

Welcome to Shanghai!

The enormous metropolis of Shanghai is a city of changes. Melding old with new, Shanghai is the most populous city in China, with more than 23 million residents. Shanghai is a wonderful host city for ISAKOS, as more than 9 million of the 23 million residents of the city are from outside of China!

Shanghai Travel Tips


Chinese visa is a must for entry into, exit from or transit through the Chinese territory. The ordinary visas consist of eight sub-categories, which are marked with Chinese phonetic letters (D, z. X, F, L, G, C, J-1 and J-2 respectively). Applications for different visas require different documents, and to answer relevant questions. For further information, please consult the nearest Chinese visa authorities or visit the web site of China Is Ministry of Foreign Affairs at


Chinese mandarin, based on the Beijing dialect, is the official standard language used by China. Shanghainese, sometimes referred to as the Shanghai dialect, is not mutually intelligible with other Chinese dialects such as the mandarin, but most Shanghai people can understand mandarin.

English and Japanese also have a large amount of speakers, especially in the service sector.

Electrical Plugs

220V, 50Hz

Credit Cards

Most large shopping malls and department stores accept credit cards. All major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diner Club, have their presence in Shanghai. However, check with the store or restaurant before you shop or dine there. Also, keep in mind to bring some RMB cash with you since the credit card, especially International credit card may not always work at local machines.

Please Note: Taxis in China do not accept credit cards as payment. Please prepare accordingly and change foreign currency to Chinese Renminbi (RMB) (see "Currency" section).

China's own credit card brand Union Pay can be applied at Bank of China and widely used in every corner of this country.


Foreign currency and travelers check can be changed into Chinese currency Renminbi (RMB) at the main branches of the Bank of China, the tourist hotels, Friendship Stores and some department stores. Hotels usually charge the official rate. You can change from many foreign currencies to RMB at the Bank of China counter located at the Arrival Hall of the Pudong International Airport. Also, if you check their website at, you can find the real-time current exchange.

Please Note: Taxis in China do not accept credit cards as payment. Please prepare accordingly and change foreign currency.

You will need to keep your exchange receipts if you want to change any of your remaining RMB at the end of your trip. Travelers check ore the best option because they are safer and the exchange rate is more favorable than that for cash; MasterCard and Visa are most commonly accepted on ATM.

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