9th Forum on Orthopaedic Sports Medicine & Arthroscopic Surgery

Sponsored by ISAKOS, CSSM & COA
April 26-28, 2012 Shanghai, China

Additional support of the meeting is provided by the Asia-Pacific Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine (APOSSM), and the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA).

Post-Course Report


The 9th International Forum on Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy, sponsored by Chinese Society of Sports Medicine (CSSM), Chinese Orthopaedic Association (COA) and International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee & Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS), was held at the Shanghai International Convention Center (SICC), Shanghai, China from 26th to 28th April. The conference was a great success, with more than 1200 attendees – one of the largest meetings for Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy ever held in China! Owing to the participation and contribution of our wonderful faculty, IFOSMA was able to fulfill its mission with great successful and lot of high appraisal. As an executive Chairman of IFOSMA, I represent of above organizers and host, Fudan University Sports Medicine Center and Huashan Hospital, sincerely to deliver my heartfelt thanks to all of you, my faculties, colleagues and friends for your participation and contribution!

During this conference, we also got several support and dedication from both of international organizations and Shanghai government. I have a privilege to thank for the following organizations for their friendship and collaboration, they are the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS), North American Society of Arthroscopy (AANA), European Federation Orthopaedic Sports Traumatology (EFOST), Asia-Pacific Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine (APOSSM), Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), Asian Football Confederation (AFC), World Endoscopic Doctor Association (WEDA), Shanghai Medical Association (SMA), Chinese Journal of Orthopaedics, Orthonline, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Foreign Experts, Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau, and Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau.

Further, we must thank our distinguished VIPs for their participation in the Opening Ceremony including Mr. Duan Shijie, the Vice Chairman of the China National Sports General Administration; Mr. Liu Yanfei, Secretary-General of the Chinese Medical Association; Mr. Xu Jianguang, the Director-General of Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau; Mr. Li Yuyi, the Director-General of Shanghai Sports Bureau; Dr. Li Guoping, Chairman of CSSM and CASM, and Dr. Wang Yan, President of COA.

Fudan Sports Medicine Center and Huashan Hospital were crucial partners in the successful execution of this course, and we thank them for their remarkable contribution to the conference organization.

This meeting was highly praised by its scale and academic standard. Sixty five internationally renowned faculty members with expertise in sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery contributed 100 wonderful presentations in this meeting. Twenty seven of the participating faculty were present or past presidents of various international organizations, including ISAKOS President DR. Moises Cohen, ISAKOS Past President Dr. Freddie Fu, and future ISAKOS Presidents Dr. Masahiro Kurosaka and Dr. Philippe Neyret. Meanwhile, 30 Executive Committee Members from FIMS participated in and give lectures in the Team Physician Courses of this IFOSMA meeting. We also received 87 overseas registrations from 36 countries, and 230 free papers for speech or poster presentation. 48 stations of cadaver workshop and 5 surgical demos were shown via video during this meeting.

Most exciting is that this conference received 22 industry sponsors. On behalf of the host, Fudan University Sports Medicine Center and IFOSMA organizer committee, I would like to thank all of sponsors from domestic and international, the forum could not get such a success without your support!

During this conference, we also developed 49 Chinese orthopaedic surgeons for new registration of ISAKOS membership.

Michele Johnson, the Executive Director of ISAKOS, stated that this conference had fantastic response for organization, academics, exhibition and reception. The 9th IFOSMA was a milestone for ISAKOS, as it marked our third cooperative course in China since 2008 – ISAKOS is proud of our local Chinese partners and how the course has grown in just four short years. This course is viewed to be a milestone step and added a brilliant page to development history of sports medicine for large scale, high grade, tremendous influence and far reaching significance in China. IFOSMA’s contribution to the development of Chinese Sports Medicine is believed to be a name-card of China to the world. Almost all leaders and faculties of international associations have set a high value on successful conduct of IFOSMA for successive 9 sessions held by Huashan Hospital, deemed that Fudan University Sports Medicine Center made an outstanding contribution to the development of orthopaedic sports medicine in China.

We deeply appreciated the efforts and supports from all of you, and we sincerely believed that the success of this conference was built on every one's contribution. In the future, more efforts should be taken to promote the education of arthroscopic surgery and international communication between China and international society. And we are looking forward to see a more advanced 10th IFOSMA to provide more ways of communication, more advanced knowledge, and better quality of service in future!


Masahiro Kurosaka, MD, Japan, ISAKOS 1st Vice-President
Shiyi Chen, MD, Shanghai, China, ISAKOS Member
Li Guo Ping, MD, Beijing, China

Course Description

This meeting will uniquely allow ISAKOS to provide structured and comprehensive surgical skill instruction for more than 1,000 Chinese surgeons. This meeting will give attendees the opportunity to interact with international experts in both knee and shoulder arthroscopy. The course will consist primarily of hands on surgical skills workshops on knee and shoulder arthroscopy, and videos of surgical demonstrations on knee, shoulder, hip, wrist, elbow and ankle. The meeting will include didactic sessions in the morning held at The Shanghai International Convention Center. The afternoon sessions will be held at Huashan Hospital–Pudong. Course attendees will register for either the didactic sessions and/or the hands-on cadaver labs on Friday, April 27, and Saturday, April 28.

Faculty for this course include:

Moises Cohen, ISAKOS President
Freddie Fu, ISAKOS Past President
Masahiro Kurosaka, ISAKOS 1st Vice President
Philippe Neyret, ISAKOS 2nd Vice President

Kai-Ming Chan, ISAKOS Member
Julian Feller, ISAKOS Member
Mark H. Getelman
Pau Golano, ISAKOS Member
James Hui
Jose F. Huylebroek, ISAKOS Member
Eiji Itoi, ISAKOS Member
Norimasa Nakamura, ISAKOS Member
Mitsuo Ochi, ISAKOS Member
Dr. Papadopoulos
JY Park

Bruce Reider, ISAKOS Member
Felix H. Savoie, ISAKOS Member
Gurcharan Singh
Allston J Stubbs, ISAKOS Member
Hiroyuki Sugaya, ISAKOS Member
Masato Takao, ISAKOS Member
Gilles Walch
James HC Wang
Kazunori Yasuda, ISAKOS Member
Patrick Yung, ISAKOS Member

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