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Media for Achilles Tendon Injury

Results : 10 Media Items

Intriguing Tendinopathies in Sport: Pathophysiology to Regenerative Technology

Symposium   Video   2017   group rating (7)

Kai-Ming Chan, MBBS, MCh(Orth), FRCPS(G), FRCS(E), FRCSEd(Orth), HONG KONG James H. C. Wang, PhD, UNITED STATES Kanglai Tang, MD, PhD, Prof., CHINA Ming-Hao Zheng, PhD, DM, FRCPath, FRCPA, AUSTRALIA

Ankle Shoulder Glenohumeral Elbow Tendon Sprain Tennis Elbow Tears Basic Science Medical Aspects

Cell Therapy of Tendinopathy: Cell Tracking and Follow-Up Using MRI in an Equine Model

Paper Abstract   Web   2015   rating (1)

Annette Ahrberg, MD, GERMANY Janina Burk, DVM, GERMANY Julia Offhaus, DVM, GERMANY Dagmar Berner, DVM, GERMANY Aline Hillmann, DVM, GERMANY Carolin Horstmeier, DVM, GERMANY Doreen Scharner, DVM, GERMANY Karsten Winter, MSC, GERMANY Walter Brehm, Prof, DVM, GERMANY

Tendon Tears MRI Basic Science Stem Cell Therapy Tenosynovitis Rupture Tendon Achilles Tendon Injury

Achilles Insertional Tendinopathies

Lecture   Video   2017   rating (1)

Gian Luigi Canata, MD, ITALY Rodrigo Mardones, MD, CHILE

Foot Ankle Calf Tendon Bursa Trauma Posterior Pain Tears Physical Examination X-ray

Open vs. Arthroscopic Techniques in Insertional Achilles Tendinopathy: When and Why?

Symposium   Video   2019   Not yet rated

Umile Giuseppe Longo, Prof, MD, MSc, PhD, ITALY Gian Luigi Canata, MD, ITALY Nicola Maffulli, MD, PhD, MS, FRCS(Orth), UNITED KINGDOM Hélder M. D. Pereira, MD, PORTUGAL Mohammad Razi, MD, IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF Alberto Cuellar-Avaroma, MD, MEXICO

Foot Ankle Bones Tendon Bursa Ligaments Impingement Instability Posterior Pain Physical Examination

Advanced Indications for Posterior Ankle Arthroscopy

Symposium   Video   2019   Not yet rated

Pieter D'Hooghe, MD, QATAR Annunziato Amendola, MD, UNITED STATES Umile Giuseppe Longo, Prof, MD, MSc, PhD, ITALY Yasuhito Tanaka, Prof., JAPAN C. Niek Van Dijk, MD, PhD, NETHERLANDS Alberto Cuellar-Avaroma, MD, MEXICO

Ankle Bones Capsuloligamentous Complex Cartilage Tendon Nerve Bursa Ligaments Synovial Osteoarthritis

Severely Reduced Functional Outcome at Mean 9 Year Follow-Up After Complications Associated with Acute Achilles Tendon Rupture

Paper Abstract   Web   2015   Not yet rated

Kristoffer W. Barfod, MD, PhD, DENMARK Thor Magnus Sveen, MD, DENMARK Ann Ganestam, MD, DENMARK Lars Bo Ebskov, MD, DENMARK Anders Troelsen, MD, PhD, DMSc, Prof., DENMARK

Ankle Tendon Trauma Sport Specific Injuries Evidence Based Medicine Repair / Reconstruction Achilles Tendon Injury

Cytokines in Sports Medicine

ISAKOS Newsletter      2014   Not yet rated

Tahsin Beyzadeoglu, MD, Prof., TURKEY

Ankle Knee Cartilage Tendon Ligaments Osteoarthritis Arthritis Basic Science Biologics Stem Cell Therapy

Tendinopathy: Current Understanding and Treatment

Symposium   Video   2013   Not yet rated

Nicola Maffulli, MD, PhD, MS, FRCS(Orth), UNITED KINGDOM Steven Arnoczky, DVM, UNITED STATES Jon Karlsson, Prof., SWEDEN Pietro S. Randelli, MD, Prof., ITALY

Ankle Knee Shoulder Glenohumeral Elbow Forearm Calf Tendon Sprain Tennis Elbow