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Media for Orthopaedic Sports Medicine

Results : 21 Media Items

ISAKOS Webinar with ESSKA: Running Injuries In Athletics: How To Prevent and Manage (8)

Webinar   Video   2021   group rating (17)

Arthritis Sport Specific Injuries Biomechanics

COVID-19: A Worldwide Human Perspective

ISAKOS Newsletter   eBook   2021   Not yet rated

Daniel A. Slullitel, MD, Prof., ARGENTINA Jeffrey S. Abrams, MD, UNITED STATES Julian A. Feller, FRACS, AUSTRALIA Margaret W. M. Fok, FRCSEd(Ortho), MBChB, HONG KONG Eiji Itoi, MD, PhD, JAPAN Manuel F. Mosquera Arango, MD, COLOMBIA

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Epidemiology

Data: How We Collect and Use It (6)

Virtual Course   Video   2021   Not yet rated

Outcome Studies

Interpreting Registry Data and Its Effect on a Surgeon’s Decision to Change Implants

ISAKOS Newsletter   eBook   2021   Not yet rated

Christopher J. Vertullo, MBBS, PhD, FRACS(Orth), AUSTRALIA

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Implant

Preparing the Soil: Targeting Meta-Inflammation in Musculoskeletal Regenerative Medicine

ISAKOS Newsletter   eBook   2021   Not yet rated

Alberto Gobbi, MD, ITALY Gabriel Silva Santos, B.Sc, BRAZIL Lucas Furtado da Fonseca, MD, BRAZIL Jose Fabio Santos Duarte Lana, MD, BRAZIL Gabriel Azzini, MD, ITALY

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine

The Osteochondral Lesion: Management Options Now and Going Forward

ISAKOS Newsletter   eBook   2021   Not yet rated

George Jacob, MBBS, MS Ortho, INDIA Kazunori Shimomura, MD, PhD, JAPAN Norimasa Nakamura, MD, PhD, JAPAN

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine

State of the Art for Injections in Orthopaedics

ISAKOS Newsletter   eBook   2020   rating (1)

Ignacio Dallo, MD, SPAIN Eleonora Irlandini, ITALY Vetri Kumar, M.S.Orthopaedics, INDIA

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Medical Aspects Biologics

Global Traveling Fellowship Presentation

Award Presentation   Video   2019   rating (3)

Brian M. Devitt, MD, PhD, FRCS, FRACS, AUSTRALIA Gilbert Moatshe, MD, PhD, NORWAY Paulo H. M. Araujo, MD, PhD, BRAZIL Taofeek Olanrewaju Adeyemi, MD, MBA, FMC Ortho, NIGERIA Brian J. Rebolledo, MD, UNITED STATES David H. Figueroa, MD, Prof., CHILE

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine

Sports Trauma: Face, Head, Spine, Knee, Hip, and Foot & Ankle Injuries (7)

Symposium   Video   2019   group rating (3)

Gian Luigi Canata, MD, ITALY Marc R. Safran, MD, Prof., UNITED STATES C. Niek van Dijk, MD, PhD, NETHERLANDS Roshan M. Wade, MS(Orth), DOrtho, FCPS, DNB(Orth), INDIA Sérgio R. Piedade, MD, MSc, PhD, Assoc. Prof., BRAZIL

Ankle / Foot / Calf Knee Hip / Groin / Thigh Bones Muscle Tendon Ligaments Trauma Physical Examination MRI

Clinical Research Methods Pre-Course | Session IV: Outcomes & Clinical Trials (4)

Lecture   Video   2013   Not yet rated

Ankle / Foot / Calf Knee Cartilage Dislocation Osteoarthritis Trauma Arthritis Sprain MRI Ultrasound

The Systemic Effects of Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection

Paper Abstract   Web   2013   rating (1)

Amy S. Wasterlain, MD, UNITED STATES Hillary Braun, BA, UNITED STATES Alex Sox Harris, PhD, UNITED STATES Hyeon Joo Kim, PhD, UNITED STATES Jason L. Dragoo, MD, UNITED STATES

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Basic Science Biologics Adult Professional Athletes / Olympians Sport Specific Population Muscle Tendon Ligaments Trauma

Hamstring Injuries

ISAKOS Newsletter   PDF   2005   Not yet rated


Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Sport Specific Population Hip / Groin / Thigh Muscle MRI Sport Specific Injuries Biceps Femoris

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