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Difficult Shoulder Case Discussion - Expert Panel

Symposium   Video   2015   rating (1)

Guillermo Arce, MD, ARGENTINA Stephen S. Burkhart, MD, UNITED STATES Philippe P. Hardy, MD, PhD, Prof., FRANCE Eiji Itoi, MD, PhD, JAPAN Gilles Walch, MD, FRANCE

Adult Shoulder Glenohumeral Capsuloligamentous Complex Tendon Ligaments Synovial Labrum Dislocation Trauma

The Stiff Elbow (5)

Symposium   Video   2017   group rating (3)

Luigi A. Pederzini, MD, ITALY Raul Barco, MD, PhD, FEBOT, SPAIN Felix H. Savoie III, MD, UNITED STATES Luke S. Oh, MD, UNITED STATES

Elbow / Wrist / Hand Bones Capsuloligamentous Complex Cartilage Nerve Osteoarthritis Trauma Impingement Stiff Joints Tears

New Technologies and Future in Total Knee Arthroplasty (4)

Symposium   Video   2017   group rating (5)

Andrew D. Pearle, MD, UNITED STATES Fabio Catani, Prof., ITALY Sebastien Lustig, MD, PhD, Prof., FRANCE Shuichi Matsuda, MD, PhD, JAPAN Denis Nam, MD, MSc, UNITED STATES Alfred J. Tria, Jr., MD, UNITED STATES Eun-Kyoo Song, MD, PhD, Prof., KOREA, REPUBLIC OF

Knee Tibio - Fibular Bones Capsuloligamentous Complex Cartilage Ligaments Osteoarthritis X-ray CT-Scan Biomechanics

Advances in Hip Arthroscopy: Hip Chondral Injury & Arthroscopic Procedures (6)

Symposium   Video   2015   group rating (8)

Marc J. Philippon, MD, UNITED STATES Nicolas Bonin, MD, FRANCE Richard N. Villar, BSc(Hons), MA, MS, FRCS, UNITED KINGDOM Frederic Laude, MD, FRANCE Vikas Khanduja, MA(Cantab), MBBS, MSc, FRCS, FRCS(Orth), UNITED KINGDOM

Hip / Groin / Thigh Cartilage Dislocation Osteoarthritis Trauma Arthritis Impingement Instability Tears X-ray

Remnants Preserving ACL Reconstruction (5)

Symposium   Video   2015   group rating (6)

Mitsuo Ochi, MD, PhD, JAPAN Freddie H. Fu, MD, UNITED STATES Rainer Siebold, MD, Prof., GERMANY Sung-Jae Kim, MD, PhD, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF Kazunori Yasuda, MD, PhD, Prof., JAPAN

Knee Ligaments Instability Physical Examination CT-Scan Sport Specific Injuries Outcome Studies Arthroscopy Autograft Double Bundle

Management of the First Time Patellar Dislocation (6)

Symposium   Video   2017   group rating (10)

Diane L. Dahm, MD, UNITED STATES Pieter J. Erasmus, MBChB, MMed, SOUTH AFRICA Robert A. Magnussen, MD, MPH, UNITED STATES Mitsuo Ochi, MD, PhD, JAPAN Elvire Servien, MD, PhD, Prof., FRANCE Petri J. Sillanpää, MD, PhD, FINLAND

Knee Patellofemoral Dislocation Instability X-ray MRI CT-Scan Practice Management Sport Specific Injuries Biomechanics

Meniscus Scaffold or Allografts? Where Are We in 2015? (7)

Symposium   Video   2015   group rating (12)

João Espregueira-Mendes, MD, PhD, PORTUGAL Philippe Beaufils, MD, FRANCE Joan C. Monllau, MD, PhD, Prof., SPAIN Hélder M. D. Pereira, MD, PORTUGAL Nicolas Pujol, MD, FRANCE Peter Verdonk, MD, PhD, BELGIUM Stefano Zaffagnini, MD, Prof., ITALY

Knee Meniscus Medial Lateral Osteoarthritis Tears X-ray MRI CT-Scan Basic Science

Management of Glenoid Bone Loss in Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty

Paper Abstract   Web   2017   rating (1)

Ashish Gupta, MBBS, MSc, FRACS, AUSTRALIA Christoph Thussbas, MD, GERMANY Michael Koch, MD, GERMANY Ludwig Seebauer, MD, GERMANY

Shoulder CT-Scan Arthroplasty Autograft

International Update on Surgical Controversies of the Shoulder Pre-Course | Shoulder Replacement (4)

Surgical Video   Video   2015   group rating (3)

Philippe P. Hardy, MD, PhD, Prof., FRANCE Emilio Calvo, MD, PhD, MBA, SPAIN Gilles Walch, MD, FRANCE Elvire Servien, MD, PhD, Prof., FRANCE Kevin D. Plancher, MD, MPH, UNITED STATES

Shoulder Glenohumeral Acromio Clavicular Bones Cartilage Dislocation Osteoarthritis Trauma Arthritis Instability

Medial Patellofemoral Ligament: Anatomy, Injury & Reconstruction (5)

Symposium   Video   2015   group rating (6)

Donald C. Fithian, MD, UNITED STATES David H. Dejour, MD, FRANCE Michail E. Hantes, Prof., GREECE Philip B. Schoettle, MD, PhD, Assoc. Prof., GERMANY

Knee Patellofemoral Ligaments Dislocation Instability Physical Examination MRI CT-Scan Medical Aspects Sport Specific Injuries

Biomechanical Evaluation of Suture Anchor Versus Transosseous Tunnel Quadriceps Tendon Repair Techniques

Paper Abstract   Web   2015   rating (1)

Seth L. Sherman, MD, UNITED STATES Jeff L. Milles, MD, UNITED STATES Marilyn Copeland, MD, UNITED STATES Ferris M. Pfeiffer, PhD, UNITED STATES David Flood, MD, UNITED STATES

Adult Sport Specific Population Knee Patellofemoral Hip / Groin / Thigh Tendon Tears CT-Scan Outcome Studies Repair / Reconstruction

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