2023 Patellofemoral Research Excellence Award Winner

2023 Patellofemoral Research Excellence Award Winner

Petri Sillanpää MD, PhD, FINLAND

Presentation Title: Isolated Meniscus Allograft Transplantation Effectively Reduces Knee Laxity In the Presence of Previous Meniscectomy: In-Vivo Navigation of 18 Consecutive Cases

I am honored to receive the Patellofemoral Research Excellence Award at the 2023 ISAKOS Congress in Boston, USA. The study was titled “Trochlear Morphology and Cartilage Viability After Mini-Open Lateral Approach Trochleaplasty for Patellar Dislocation – 5 Year MRI Follow-Up Study.” The purpose of this study was to evaluate changes in trochlea cartilaginous shape after our mini-invasive trochleaplasty surgical technique and preservation of the articulating cartilage in a minimum of 5-year follow-up. The results showed that cartilage was preserved extremely well and no complications were seen. Trochlea dysplasia can be corrected to normal or nearly normal trochlea with mini-open lateral approach trochleaplasty, based on post operative MRI analysis. We felt justified to conclude that a thin flap Mini-Open Lateral Approach Trochleaplasty is a safe procedure and satisfied long-term outcome can be expected for trochleaplasty. The details of the surgical technique including a video presentation can be found at the ESSKA Academy website (www.esska.org).

I would like to thank the ISAKOS Knee Sports & Preservation Committee for selecting our paper among fantastic finalists. In addition, I would like to thank the Patellofemoral Foundation for supporting this ISAKOS Award since its beginning in 2005. I am extremely grateful to co-author the study with Dr. Frederick Weitz, and for sharing his passion in treating patellofemoral patients, at our institution, in Pihlajalinna Tampere Hospital, in Finland. We feel privileged to be able to follow our patients routinely and appreciate the academic support from our institution to continue research on this specific surgical technique.

There is a growing interest in the orthopaedic scientific field to answer clinical challenges related regarding the patellofemoral joint. Trocheaplasty surgeries have become more common, as understating the patellofemoral joint biomechanics has improved. Sharing the most recent results on new, interesting surgical techniques are one of the highlights at ISAKOS Congresses. Being able to share our contribution in Boston was an amazing experience. Following the study presentation, the discussion with surgeons from almost every continent makes the congress experience second to none. Exchanging thoughts, surgical tips and tricks and clinical experience is worthwhile when improving a surgeon’s own practice. The importance of high-quality, educational person to person meetings, such as the 2023 ISAKOS Congress, represented orthopaedics at the highest level and is essential and improves patient care globally.