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 ISAKOS Global Connection Reception
As award finalists, we also received an invitation to attend the Global Connection reception on May 14, where we had a chance to meet the other award and fellowship finalists and winners as well as ISAKOS Godfathers and Mentors from around the world (Fig. 3). A particularly surprising and happy moment for me was the chance to meet up with my previous mentors, Prof. João Espregueira-Mendes from Porto, Portugal, and Prof. Alberto Gobbi from Milan, Italy (Fig. 4). The Global Connection reception also provided a great opportunity to make new connections and share ideas with colleagues from around the world, and it was a great honor to meet Nicolaas Budhiparama, Founding Godfather of ISAKOS Global Connection Campaign board.
05 Receiving the ISAKOS Young nvestigator award.
06 Hands-on testing of virtual reality.
      03 + 04
At the Global Connection reception.
07 The ISAKOS booth: an ideal place for networking.
I couldn’t resist trying out a virtual reality device during a hands-on visit to the trade exhibit (Fig. 6). Lunchtime sessions combined academics with very tasty meals, and the ISAKOS booth on the top floor provided a perfect spot to network with other young investigators (Fig. 7).
The 2019 ISAKOS Congress in Cancun–a beautiful setting featuring beaches with crystal-clear water, delicious Mexican food, and a party atmosphere – was a truly memorable event.
I would like to thank the ISAKOS Scientific Committee for this amazing opportunity. This program helped me to grow not only as surgeon but also as researcher, and the lessons that I took with me will definitely make a difference in the quality of my practice, the advancement of my research, and the care of my patients in my hospital and city. I also would like to thank the staff of the Orthopedic Department in the Government Medical College and Hospital, Bhavnagar, as well as the staff at my own hospital. Furthermore, I would like to thank my Indian mentors Dr. Deeapk Goyal, Dr. Sachin Tapasvi, and many others from the Indian Arthroscopy Society (IAS) who are always ready to help and answer any question when asked. Special thanks to Joy Allen Joseph, Education Manager, for hassle-free electronic communication with ISAKOS throughout the entire process. Finally, I would like to thank my family (my parents and my wife Nidhi) for their continuing support.
“This program helped me to grow not only as surgeon but also as researcher.”
Winning the Award:
On the morning of May 15, I had the great honor of receiving the Young Investigator award from President Marc Safran and Scientific Committee Chairs Volker Musahl and Jason Koh on the ISAKOS main stage (Fig. 5). Later that day, the symposium on “Strategies in Successful Publishing” provided an abundance of great information for those who are interested in reviewing or writing articles for journal publications. Highlights from this session included presentations on “How to Write an Excellent Paper,” by Gary Poehling, “What It Takes to be a Good Reviewer,” by Jon Krisson, and “How Authors Can Promote Their Research Using Social Media,” by Stephen Lyman.
The Presidential Guest Speaker, Michael Casale, presented an extremely impressive address entitled “Using Virtual Reality to Improve Surgery, Sports Medicine, and Athletic Performance.” After hearing his comment that “cells that wire together can fire together,”

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