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 On Wednesday morning, I followed Dr. Fu in the outpatient clinic and was fascinated by his love and care for the patients. That afternoon, I was taken to the orthopaedic robotic laboratory, where I was able to learn about simulated pivot-shift testing and the generation of data from the cadaveric knee. On Thursday, I followed Dr. Fu in OR, where I was fascinated to watch him perform an ACL reconstruction in a young female athlete with use of a hamstring graft. His teaching in OR was very inspiring. The same routine was repeated the next week, during which I also visited UPMC Children’s North Hospital, where I observed Dr. Musahl perform ACL and shoulder surgery. During the weekend, I had the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Pittsburgh. I enjoyed every moment during my stay.
04 With Dr. Freddie Fu at UPMC Freddie Fu Sports Medicine Center.
06 With Dr. Freddie Fu and Dr. Volker Musahl in the 12th Biennial ISAKOS Congress, Cancun, Mexico.
In conclusion, ISAKOS provided me with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enhance my clinical and research expertise and to learn from renowned experts who have pioneered the field of arthroscopy and orthopaedic sports medicine. Their kindness and encouraging words were greatly appreciated and provided me with the utmost inspiration to make my professional dreams come true. I learned not only about sports-related injuries and their management but also about time management, discipline, and how orthopaedics and sports medicine doctors should be. I heartily thank my mentors, Dr. Fu and Dr. Musahl, for this opportunity. My sincere gratitude goes to Kathy (Kathleen M. Price) for excellent communication throughout the year and a half that it took to set up my visit to UPMC. I also wish to thank Drs. Theresa, Kevin, Ben, Sara, Elan, Jared, Kyohei Nishida, and all the other fellows and residents for making my life easier at UPMC. Last but not least, I would like to thank ISAKOS and the entire team, including Joy and Sarah, for providing me with the grant to visit Dr. Freddie Fu and Dr. Musahl at the University of Pittsburgh and also for sponsoring my trip to attend 12th Biennial ISAKOS Congress in Cancun, Mexico.
                                                                                                                                                                                      05 Dr. Saroj Rai in front of UPMC Freddie Fu Sports Medicine Center.

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