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Ujjval Deliwala, MBBS, MS(Orth),
Arthroscopy Clinics & Hospital Bhavnagar, Gujarat, INDIA
The Young Investigator Program seeks to stimulate research and education in developing countries, foster international collaboration, and promote academic excellence. I’m thankful to the ISAKOS Young Investigator’s Research Program for providing me with this great opportunity to update my knowledge and improve my technical skills related to arthroscopy, knee surgery, and orthopaedic sports medicine.
About me
I am an orthopaedic arthroscopic surgeon from Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India, doing arthroscopic work predominantly related to the knee and shoulder. I am also academically attached to the Government Medical College and Hospital, where I do research and teach postgraduate medical students.
Experience at the Congress
The academic fiesta started with a precourse on May 11 at the Cancun International Convention Center. A number of outstanding ICL courses were presented by the authors of well- known books and chapters as well as the original developers of a number of techniques that are commonly used in clinical practice. Some particularly memorable presentations included “Understanding the History of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery, and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine,” by Prof. Puddu, and “Trochleoplasty: Indications,” by David Dejour. The ISAKOS welcome reception, held on May 12, was great fun and provided an opportunity to meet with friends, mentors, and colleagues while listening to traditional music (Fig. 1).
01 At the ISAKOS Welcome Reception.
ISAKOS Part I Young Investigator Scholarship
Twenty young investigators were selected to receive a scholarship to travel to, and present their research at, the 12th Biennial ISAKOS Congress in Cancun, Mexico. The purpose of my project, entitled “Cost-Effective and Potential Use of Platelet Rich Plasma for Arthroscopically Treated Grade II/III Cartilage Lesions of the Knee,” is to investigate the cost-effectiveness of orthobiologics for the treatment of these very common problems of the knee in India, a huge country in which most of these lesions are non-sports- related. Each investigator also received a one-year ISAKOS membership, which provides a number of academic benefits, including access (through new ISAKOS Global Link) to previous congress presentations, surgical demonstrations, current concepts articles, and practical tips and tricks to be used in clinical practice.
ISAKOS Research Symposium
On May 13, we attended a symposium that provided us with an introduction to the ISAKOS Young Investigator’s Scholarship and Research Mentoring program. This symposium, which is directed at those beginning a career in orthopaedic research, included a number of valuable sessions focusing on a variety of relevant topics, including instructions on how to write a grant, how to assess outcomes, how to perform basic statistical analysis, how to perform a multicenter research project, and how to write a manuscript. These sessions were followed by an interactive panel discussion, during which we discussed that how to conduct multicentric studies in developing countries with limited resources and funds. The symposium ended with recognition of the Young Investigator Award winners, all of whom were presented with the very informative ISAKOS/ESSKA Research Handbook, which provides a wealth of useful guidelines for upcoming fellows and researchers (Fig. 2).
02 Receiving the Research Handbook at the research symposium.

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