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Robert Smigielski, MD, PhD

LIFE Institute
Warsaw, masovian POLAND

Robert Smigielski is a trauma and orthopaedics surgeon, as well as an expert in sports medicine. He is a member of the Polish Olympic Team since 2002. Continually on a quest to perfect his techniques. Last year, to further Polish orthopaedic research and create a platform for international cooperation in that area, he has founded the Foundation of International Institute for Orthopaedic Research „MIBO“. His main areas of expertise, orthopaedics-wise, are the knee (mainly ACL, PCL, menisci, and patellofemoral joint), muscles and tendons, and the ankle joint with a special interest in the Achilles tendon. He is best known for his anatomical discoveries that resulted in new, anatomy-based methods of the ACL and the Achilles tendon reconstructions. His findings (the ribbon-like form of the ACL and three-bundle structure of the Achilles) are based on the years of careful anatomical research through dissections as well as his experiences in the operating theatre. Moreover, doctor Smigielski is continuously working on numerous projects aimed at updating the current knowledge and introducing new or enhanced surgical techniques and treatments. Dr. Smigielski is a member of several expert orthopaedics groups and societies, such as: AAOS, ACL study group, AGA, ESSKA, ISAKOS, UASTKA, and many more. He regularly attends congresses and meetings during which he shares his knowledge and experience with fellow surgeons. He has published many papers and several book chapters. Between the years 1998 - 2017 Robert Smigielski ran a successful sports medicine and orthopaedics clinic Carolina Medical Center in Warsaw. Shortly before his departure, as he has decided to take up new challenges, the clinic was awarded the title of FIFA Clinic of Excellence. Speaking of soccer, from 2006 up to 2010, Dr. Smigielski has been the chief of the medical committee of the Polish Football Association. Moreover, in the year 2004-2006 he was the Chairman of the Medical Commission, a statutory body of the Polish Olympic Committee. Now, apart from his scientific endeavours, he stays busy working with patients is a high profile clinic called LIFE Institute, where among other things, Dr. Smigielski is working on stem cell therapies in orthopaedics. His patients range from professional athletes to amateurs who enjoy an active lifestyle. A large portion of his time is devoted to teaching residents and fellow surgeons as well as perfecting his techniques.

ISAKOS Active Member

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