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ISAKOS 2021 Global Congress

Participants will gain: 1. Understand the current opioid crisis and how we as surgeons may have contributed to this 2. Demonstrate the ability to manage post-operative pain with both oral and regional measures. 3. Conduct a discussion with patient prior to surgery to set realistic expectation with regards to post-operative pain.

The opioid epidemic is a concern on everyone's mind these days. As surgeons we are all aware that some patients' addictions starts with opiate pain medication prescribed after an injury or surgery. There are many ways to manage pain after routine knee arthroscopy. This symposium will focus on various ways to manage pain after knee arthroscopy. It will provide background on the opioid epidemic. It will discuss both oral pain management as well as the use of nerve blocks. Lastly it will provide an international perspective on the differences in pain management per geographic region.