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Media for Bursa

Results : 11 Media Items

Hip Pain in the Athlete: Evidence Based Tools for Diagnosis

Symposium   Video   2017   group rating (7)

Marc J. Philippon, MD, UNITED STATES Asheesh Bedi, MD, UNITED STATES Nicolas Bonin, MD, FRANCE Soshi Uchida, MD, PhD, JAPAN

Hip Bones Capsuloligamentous Complex Cartilage Muscle Tendon Bursa Ligaments Labrum Osteoarthritis

Education in Arthroscopy and the Role of Simulators

Symposium   Video   2015   group rating (9)

Mustafa Karahan, Prof., TURKEY C. Niek Van Dijk, MD, PhD, NETHERLANDS Kai-Ming Chan, MBBS, MCh(Orth), FRCPS(G), FRCS(E), FRCSEd(Orth), HONG KONG Gabriëlle Tuijthof, MSc, PhD, NETHERLANDS Nikhil N. Verma, MD, UNITED STATES

Ankle Knee Patellofemoral Shoulder Glenohumeral Hip Bones Capsuloligamentous Complex Cartilage Tendon

Biology & Biomechanics: Rotator Cuff

Symposium   Video   2015   group rating (13)

Nahum Rosenberg, MD, FRCS, Prof., ISRAEL Andreas B. Imhoff, MD, Prof., GERMANY Olivier Courage, MD, FRANCE George A. Murrell, MD, PhD, AUSTRALIA Pietro S. Randelli, MD, Prof., ITALY Scott A. Rodeo, MD, UNITED STATES

Shoulder Glenohumeral Acromio Clavicular Tendon Bursa Osteoarthritis Trauma Arthritis Impingement Sprain

The Role of Acromioplasty, Bursectomy and Distal Clavicle Resection when Repairing Rotator Cuff Tears – 24 Month Outcome Data from the New Zealand Rotator Cuff Registry

Paper Abstract   Web   2015   rating (1)

Matthew J. Brick, MBChB, FRACS, NEW ZEALAND Warren Leigh, FRACS, NEW ZEALAND Michael A. Caughey, MBChB, FRACS, NEW ZEALAND Anthony Maher, MBChB, NEW ZEALAND

Shoulder Glenohumeral Acromio Clavicular Bones Tendon Bursa Tears Outcome Studies Arthroscopy Repair / Reconstruction

Achilles Insertional Tendinopathies

Lecture   Video   2017   rating (1)

Gian Luigi Canata, MD, ITALY Rodrigo Mardones, MD, CHILE

Foot Ankle Calf Tendon Bursa Trauma Posterior Pain Tears Physical Examination X-ray

Current Trends and Complications Associated with Musculoskeletal Injections

ISAKOS Newsletter      2017   Not yet rated

Scott Caterine, Masters Candidate, CANADA Alan Getgood, MD, FRCS(Tr&Orth), DipSEM, CANADA Robert F. LaPrade, MD, PhD, UNITED STATES Daniel A. Slullitel, MD, Prof., ARGENTINA

Foot Ankle Knee Shoulder Glenohumeral Acromio Clavicular Sterno-Clavicular Scapulo-Thoracic Arm Elbow

Cost-Effective In-Office Diagnostic Imaging: Visionscope Versus MRI

Paper Abstract   Web   2013   Not yet rated

Thomas J. Gill, MD, UNITED STATES Kaitlin M. Carroll, BS, UNITED STATES

Knee Patellofemoral Shoulder Glenohumeral Acromio Clavicular Elbow Cartilage Tendon Bursa Ligaments

Running Injuries

Symposium   Video   2013   Not yet rated

Michael Carmont, FRCS(Tr&Orth), UNITED KINGDOM Gabriel Agar, MD, ISRAEL Francesco M. Benazzo, MD, Prof., ITALY Stephane Bermon, MD, PhD, MONACO

Foot Ankle Knee Patellofemoral Hip Thigh Calf Bones Capsuloligamentous Complex Cartilage

Precision and Accuracy of Identification of Anatomical Surface Landmarks Amongst 30 Expert Hip Arthroscopists

Paper Abstract   Web   2013   Not yet rated

Jeffrey DeLong, BS, MD, UNITED STATES Bryan T. Hanypsiak, MD, UNITED STATES Misty Suri, MD, UNITED STATES John Christoforetti, MD, UNITED STATES

Hip Capsuloligamentous Complex Cartilage Bursa Ligaments Joints Labrum Physical Examination Ultrasound Basic Science

Treatment of Gluteus Medius and Minimus Tendon Tears with a Specific Diagnostic and Surgical Technique: A Retrospective Study of 67 Patients

Paper Abstract   Web   2013   Not yet rated

Konstantinos G. Makridis, MD, MSc, PCAOSD, PhD.c, GREECE Anthony Wajsfisz, MD, FRANCE Georgios C. Basdekis, MD, PhD, GREECE Patrick Djian, MD, FRANCE

Hip Muscle Tendon Bursa Impingement Posterior Pain Physical Examination X-ray MRI Ultrasound