2015 ISAKOS Biennial Congress ePoster #110

The Role of Ankle Lateral Ligaments Repair in Muscle Reaction Time in Patients With Mechanical Ankle Instability

Hongyun Li, MD, Shanghai CHINA
Jiejiao Zheng, MD, Shanghai CHINA
Yinghui Hua, MD, Shanghai CHINA
Jian Zhang, MD, Shanghai CHINA
Henry Chen, MD, Shanghai CHINA
Shiyi Chen, MD, PhD, Prof., Shanghai CHINA

Sports Medicine Center of Fudan University, Shanghai, CHINA

FDA Status Not Applicable

Summary: Role of Ankle Ligaments Repair in muscle reaction time




To evaluate the role of ankle lateral ligaments repair procedure in muscle reaction time in mechanical ankle instability (MAI) patients.


Fifteen patients with MAI and 14 healthy control subjects were included in the study. All the patients were diagnosed with lateral ankle ligaments tear by ultrasonography and MRI. Peroneus longus and anterior tibialis latencies were collected during a random inversion perturbation while walking. After the test, all MAI patients underwent arthroscopic debridement and open lateral ankle ligaments repair with modified Brostrom- Gould procedure. Six months after the operation, the muscle reaction time in MAI group were collected again. Anterior drawer test and American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society scale score (AOFAS score) were evaluated in these patients before and after the operation.


MAI patients displayed delayed peroneus longus and anterior tibialis latencies when compared to the unaffected leg and health control group. Six months after the operation, there were significant increased in the AOFAS scale scores when compared with those before the operation (79.5VS62.3, P < .001). However, no significant difference in peroneus longus and anterior tibialis latencies was found before and after the operation in MAI patients.


Patients with MAI suffer deficits of delayed muscles reaction time. Ankle lateral ligaments repair did not reduce the muscle reaction time in subjects with mechanical ankle instability.
Key Words: Ankle Instability, Mechanical ankle instability, Mechanical, ligaments repair.