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ISAKOS 2023 Congress

The Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: How Do I get it Tight and How Do I Get it Right?

Pablo E. Gelber, MD, PhD, SPAIN Michael J Alaia, MD, UNITED STATES Arturo Almazan, MD, MEXICO Gilbert Moatshe, MD, PhD, NORWAY Joan Carles Monllau, MD, PhD, Prof., SPAIN Bruce C. Twaddle, MD, FRACS, Prof., NEW ZEALAND

2023 Congress Symposium   2023   group rating (2)


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Sports Medicine

PCL surgery is still ever evolving. There are different ways to perform a PCL reconstruction and there is still not much consensus on the ideal way to perform it. This symposium aims to look as to how different experts perform the most challenging surgical steps to optimise PCL reconstruction surgery for our patients.

There will be plenty of time for discussion, Q&A and also some clinical scenarios will be presented to the faculty to find out how they would treat them in each case.