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ISAKOS 2021 Global Congress

Avoiding Tunnel Coalition in Ligament Surgery (ACL-PLC, PCL-MCL, HTO-ACL, ACL-ALL/LET, ACL-Meniscus root)

Sachin Ramchandra Tapasvi, MBBS, MS, DNB, FRCS, INDIA Guillaume Demey, MD, FRANCE Camilo P. Helito, MD, PhD, Prof, BRAZIL Jeffrey A. Macalena, MD, UNITED STATES Sean J. Meredith, MD, UNITED STATES

2021 Congress Symposium   2021   group rating (37)


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Sports Medicine

Understanding how to avoid tunnel coalition during combined ligament surgeries or osteotomy with ligament reconstructions.

Discussion on the fixation and implant options when performing combined ligament surgery and faced with tunnel coalition.