ISAKOS: 2019 Congress in Cancun, Mexico

2019 ISAKOS Biennial Congress Faculty


Nasef Mohamed N. Abdelatif, MD, PhD

Orthopedic Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Surgery & Sports Inj. Cairo, Egypt.
Cairo, Maadi EGYPT

Dr. Nasef Mohamed Nasef, a Professor of Orthopedics and Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery in Cairo University, is considered to be one of the top-rated Orthopedic Surgeons in the Middle East and certainly in Egypt. Dr. Nasef specializes in disorders of the ankle and foot. In addition, he is involved in complex arthroscopic and joint replacement surgeries. His special field of interest is orthopedic sports-related injuries and their treatment using sophisticated and advanced arthroscopic techniques with the aim of restoring damaged articular surfaces, bones, ligaments and tendons back to their normal status. Dr. Nasef has been involved in the treatment of national and international professional athletes, successfully enabling them to return to their pre-injury level of performance. Dr. Nasef was the First Non-European and first Egyptian to become Member of the AFAS section of the ESSKA (Member of Association of Foot and Ankle surgeons section of European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy). Additionally, he proudly serves on the Leg foot and Ankle Committee, Scientific Committee and Communications Committee of the ISAKOS. In addition to serving on the Foot and Ankle Committee of the SICOT. Dr. Nasef is also a proud ESSKA-accredited Teacher.

Sun 05/12
17:00 - 17:30
Concurrent 3 - Cozumel 3+4 Ankle
The Role of Synthetic Ligaments in Foot and Ankle Surgery: The Future?
Sun 05/12
17:06 - 17:12
Concurrent 3 - Cozumel 3+4 Ankle
Rapid Rehab and Return to Sport: Why Synthetic Ligaments Are the Future in Foot and Ankle Surgery
Sun 05/12
17:18 - 17:28
Concurrent 3 - Cozumel 3+4 Ankle
DIscussion and Debate


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