2017 ISAKOS Biennial Congress ePoster #1233


Efficacy of a Single Intra Articular Infiltration with Gonyautoxin for Pain Management after Total Knee Arthroplasty

Jaime Hinzpeter, MD, Santiago, RM CHILE
Cristian Barrientos, MD, Santiago, RM CHILE
Alvaro Igor Zamorano Cadenas, MD, Santiago, RM CHILE
Miguel J. L. Palet, MD, Santiago CHILE
Maximiliano Barahona, MD, MSc, Santiago, RM CHILE
Rodrigo Wulf, MD, Santiago CHILE
Jaime Alejandro Catalán, MD, Santiago CHILE
Joaquin Sepulveda, BSc, Santiago, Santiago CHILE
Matias Guerra, MSc, Santiago, Santiago CHILE
Tamara Bustamante, BSc, Santiago CHILE
Miguel Del Campo, PhD, Santiago, Santiago CHILE
Nestor Lagos, PhD, Santiago, Santiago CHILE


FDA Status Cleared


This study shows that the use of a single intra articular infiltration of gonyautoxin is safe and effective in the management of pain after total knee arthroplasty without motor block



A correct pain management in total knee arthroplasty (TKA) can reduce hospital stay, opioid use, complications, costs and incidence of chronic pain. Gonyautoxin is a paralyzing phytotoxin produced by microalgae that blocks neuronal transmission with anesthetic effect and without clinical paresia


To evaluate the clinical effect of a single intra articular infiltration of gonyautoxin after TKA.


30 consecutive patients with osteoarthritis Kellgren & lawrence 2 or more who required a TKA was enrolled to receive a single intra articular infiltration of gonyautoxin just after the wound closure of a TKA. All patients received single spinal anaesthetic and ketoprofen 100 mg every 8 hours an acetaminophen 1000 mg every 8 hours for the postoperative. Visual analog scale of pain, range of motion and hospital stay were recorded.


25 patients (83.33%) of patients achieved successful pain management. All of them attainment flexion of 90º at 60 hours after surgery and 24 attainment full extension before hospital discharge. It is remarkable that since 12 hours after surgery median pain VAS score was 2, and 23 patients (92%) achieved pain VAS score less or equal than 4.


Gonyautoxin is a successful and safe drug for pain control after TKA and and can be used in a single intra articular dose with success greater than 80%