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Theodorakys Marín, MD Caracas, VENEZUELA
I am Theodorakys Marín, a 30-year-old orthopaedic surgeon from Caracas, Venezuela. Last year, I pursued a fellowship in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy in Thessaloniki, Greece at the ISAKOS/ICRS Teaching Center, which is located at the Thessaloniki Minimally Invasive Surgery (TheMIS) Orthopaedic Center. I have a special clinical and research interests in orthopaedic sports medicine, arthroscopy, and cartilage- repair procedures.
ISAKOS: An International Society Supporting New Generations
In 2019, as a recipient of an ISAKOS Young Investigator´s Scholarship, I had the opportunity to attend the ISAKOS Congress, the most important congress devoted to arthroscopy, knee surgery, and orthopaedic sports medicine in the world. I felt very fortunate and honored to learn from world-renowned experts, and both the excellent organization of the meeting and the caliber of the accommodations were in keeping with the high quality of the academic and scientific program.
Inclusiveness is clearly a main focus of ISAKOS. The outstanding conferences, pre-courses, and instructional course lectures were led by a diverse group of specialists of all nationalities, ages, and demographics. The initiative to incorporate a pre-course in Spanish, led by a regional faculty, is just one of the many examples that contributed to this sense of inclusiveness. I very much enjoyed listening to the session on “Updating and Upgrading Knee Surgical Techniques” in my native language; even though I feel very confident with my English-language skills, this was a nice surprise.
One of the best experiences during the Congress was the chance to put a face to the names of the authors who have guided me throughout my career. The lectures delivered by these luminaries are moments that I will always treasure. The ISAKOS Research Symposium chaired by Dr. Volker Musahl, for example, was particularly helpful and insightful. As an activity designed for the Young Investigator’s Scholarship recipients, the session covered the critical points of research and investigation. Receiving the Basic Methods Handbook for Clinical Orthopaedic Research from one of its authors was an honor. After a quick review, I believe that the book represents a very useful tool for any orthopaedic resident and surgeon wishing to incorporate investigation into his or her practice.
01 Theodorakys Marín, MD, ISAKOS Young Investigator’s Scholarship and Research Mentoring Program Winner.
The session entitled JISAKOS Leadership Symposium: Strategies for Successful Publishing, chaired by Dr. Niek Van Dijk, included a number of informative presentations focusing on Scientific Publishing 101. It was also a reminder to contribute to the Journal of ISAKOS, which is a rapidly emerging publication. As a young investigator, having the support and guidance from such a board during the editorial review process is very encouraging. Pr. Dr. Jon Karlsson’s words of motivation to continue to perform investigations in developing countries despite the intrinsic challenges were very moving.
The Congress also clearly demonstrated that ISAKOS is an innovative organization. Every session was full of scientific vanguardism, from orthobiologics to robotic-assisted surgery. A dedication to evidence-based approaches and high- impact investigations was evident throughout the Cancun International Convention Center. This strong commitment to state-of-the-art quality is one of the main features that makes ISAKOS unique.
In addition, I greatly appreciated the team effort that is clearly involved in shaping the ISAKOS Young Investigator Scholarship and Research Mentoring Program and other fellowships and awards. During the ISAKOS Global Connection Reception, I had the opportunity to meet former ISAKOS president Dr. Marc Safran, former Director of Scientific Committee Dr. Volker Musahl, and Education Manager Mrs. Joy Allen- Joseph, all of whom were instrumental in facilitating my travel to Cancun. I would also like to thank every ISAKOS Godfather as well – it is thanks to their support that many of these initiatives came to fruition.
“ISAKOS is an inclusive, youth- inspiring, and innovative society that every orthopaedic surgeon should join!”

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