Page 13 - ISAKOS 2019 Newsletter Vol II
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What are your top 5 goals for ISAKOS to get done before 2021 Congress in Cape Town?
My top five goals include:
• Complete a survey of the membership and a publishing audit for ISAKOS, to better understand and address member needs, identify additional ways we can engage members and deliver value, and look for new opportunities to grow ISAKOS programs and reach.
• Identify and begin implementing enhanced educational offerings that fit today’s learner, taking advantage of new technology and modes of learning.
• Partner with the Program Committee to bring innovation and exciting new features to the ISAKOS Congress 2021 in Cape Town, resulting in a successful event.
• Implement an Industry Advisory Council, to serve as a forum for industry supporters and ISAKOS to discuss key issues and trends that may impact ISAKOS and industry.
• Update the ISAKOS Strategic Plan for 2020 – 2025, charting out a path for continued growth and success.
What are the biggest challenges that you are facing being the Executive Director of ISAKOS?
The biggest challenge is that I have such big shoes to fill, following the retirement of Michele Johnson, who “gave ISAKOS its wings” over the first 20+ years after the organization was formed. Luckily, Michele remains available as a consultant to me and the ISAKOS staff for two more years, so we can turn to her for her experience and advice when we encounter challenges that may be new to me.
What are some of the best perks of your job?
We just bought a new home in California, and you really can’t beat the weather or the views of the mountains here, which I can enjoy from both office and home. But what I really look forward to is the opportunity to travel to new places outside the US and connecting with our members and partners, starting with attending ICRS in Vancouver in October, followed by a site visit to Cape Town, South Africa in January 2020, then off to my first ESSKA Congress next March in Milan.
What is on your wish list for the next 10 years with ISAKOS?
My wish list begins and ends with growth for ISAKOS, growing the organization’s reach, our programs and membership, and our reputation for being a worldwide leader in delivering much needed medical education around the globe. Along the way, I also want to have a very positive impact on the ISAKOS office and staff, setting the society up for long-term success while helping team members grow as professionals through expanded responsibility and new career opportunities that keep them challenged and engaged.
   I am excited to have this opportunity and am looking forward to the promising future that lies ahead for ISAKOS.

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