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 The search committee was impressed with her foresight, her ideas for the future, and her answers to questions regarding the challenging, real-life scenarios that our society does, and potentially will, face. Her approaches to problems were well thought-out, organized, and consistent with the strategic plan set by the board. She has some great ideas that are both realistic and quite exciting, and we are confident that she will help lead us thoughtfully into the future, where yet-to-be-known challenges exist. As a committee, we all knew that filling the shoes of Michele Johnson would not be easy for any successor. However, throughout this entire selection process, the committee was absolutely confident that Sue’s experience, knowledge, expertise, vision, and philosophy of association management makes her the best fit for ISAKOS as we move forward with our plans for continued growth and service to our members.
So what else has been going on at ISAKOS? Well, we have continued to have regular video conference calls with the executive committee, the board of directors, and the chairs of different committees. This regular communication, along with the work of David Parker and Jon Karlsson, has helped to keep our society moving forward and has provided a way for the board to help committees when problems or issues have arisen, allowing the committees to accomplish their goals and tasks without unnecessary delay. The committees have been working on a number of projects, including contributions to books, the newsletter, and JISAKOS, as well as helping to improve the Global Link Videos. This last task has been very challenging, as one might expect. However, over 600 videos have been vetted by more than one reviewer, helping to ensure that only the highest-quality, relevant, and industry-free videos are part of our educational library.
JISAKOS continues to grow in popularity, with all metrics trending in the upward direction. Under Niek van Dijk’s leadership, and as a result of his provocative editorials, the journal is becoming more widely recognized, with both downloads and links increasing. With the addition of original scientific research, the journal likely will soon be approved for PubMed indexing and an impact factor. The journal advisory group has a new leader, Chris Harner, and a new name, the Journal of ISAKOS Board of Trustees.
ISAKOS continues to be active in supporting courses all over the world and continues to Symposia participate with our partner societies at their meetings. During the last 2 years, our society
Surgical Demonstrations
Partner Society Symposia
  has been part of the ISKAST congress in Iran, SRATS in Romania, SLAHOC in Bolivia, the
ESSKA congress in Glasgow, the APKASS meeting in Sydney, and the AOSSM congress
in San Diego. Additionally, we participated in the SIA National Congress in Milan and the
Argentine Arthroscopy Association meeting in October. We continue to work toward interim
meetings and surgical skills courses throughout the world. We held a collaborative surgical
skills course on hip arthroscopy with the AOSSM in Chicago in 2018, and we will be having 5 another combined surgical skills course on osteotomies about the knee with the AOSSM
in Chicago in April 2019. We will partner with the AOSSM and Major League Soccer on a soccer course in Miami in September 2019. In 2020, we will partner with ESSKA on a special course; the details on this 2020 meeting, which likely will be held in Scandinavia, continue to be clarified.
The last 2 years have seen the introduction of some new
initiatives for our society. A new, expanded ISAKOS Global
Traveling Fellowship will travel through South America in April
and May, ending at the ISAKOS Congress in Cancun. There
were nearly 200 applicants for this fellowship, which will include
5 fellows under the age of 45 years from all over the world 5 (one from each region), with David Figueroa, an executive
  ICLs Debates
     committee member from Santiago, Chile, serving as the Godfather. Other new offerings include ISAKOS ties, with blue ties for the membership (Fig. 1) and gold ties for presidents. In
addition, 3 new awards will be introduced at the 2019 Cancun conference. Made possible by a generous gift from Nicolaas Budhiparama, we will be introducing the Paolo Aglietti Arthroplasty award as well as a new arthroplasty fellowship, currently being developed by the Knee Arthroplasty Committee and Dr. Budhiparama, to help young surgeons travel to learn from an ISAKOS master knee arthroplasty surgeon.

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