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  SUNDAY, MAY 12, 2019
  Concurrent 3–Cozumel 3+4
09:15 – 09:45
Jan I. Gillquist Scientific Award Finalist Presentations (Cont.)
Concurrent 3–Cozumel 3+4 09:45 – 10:00
Sports Medicine
 PAPER #26
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction with or
without a Lateral Extra-Articular Tenodesis: Analysis of Complications from the ISAKOS-Sponsored Stability Study
Mark A. Heard, MD, FRCS, Canmore, AB, CANADA
Davide Bardana, MD, Kingston, ON, CANADA
Alex Rezansoff, MD, FRCSC, Calgary, AB, CANADA Stability Study Group, MD, London, ON, CANADA Dianne M. Bryant, PhD, London, ON, CANADA
Alan Getgood, MD, FRCS(Tr&Orth), DipSEM, London, ON,
Robert Litchfield, MD, FRCSC, London, ON, CANADA
Robert G. McCormack, MD, New Westminster, BC, CANADA Peter B. Macdonald, MD, FRCS, Dip Sport Med, Winnipeg, MB,
Tim Spalding, FRCS(Orth), Coventry, West Midlands,
Peter Verdonk, MD, PhD, Zwijnaarde, BELGIUM Devin Peterson, London, ON, CANADA
Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic, Western University
London, ON, CANADA
The Effect of Anterolateral Procedures on Contact Pressures in the Lateral Compartment of the Knee
Thomas Neri, MD, PhD, Asst. Prof., Saint-Etienne, FRANCE
Brian M. Devitt, MD, FRCS, FRACS, Melbourne, VIC, AUSTRALIA
Richard Appleyard, PhD, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
David A. Parker, MBBS, BMedSc, FRACS, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA Joseph Cadman, PhD, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
Sven Putnis, MBChB, FRCS(Orth), Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
Samuel Grasso, PhD, BME, Chatswood, NSW, AUSTRALIA
Aaron Beach, PhD, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
Danè Dabirrahmani, PhD, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
Takeshi Oshima, MD, PhD, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
Brett A. Fritsch, MBBS, BMedSc, Hunters Hill, NSW,
Myles R. J. Coolican, FRACS, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
Sydney Orthopaedic Research Institute Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
Comparison of Clinical Outcome and Graft Maturation in Double-Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction between Young and Elder Patients.
Mashaiko Saito, MD, PhD, Chiba, JAPAN
Junichi Iwasaki, Chiba, JAPAN
Hiroaki Hosokawa, MD, Chiba, JAPAN Tsuguo Morikawa, Chiba, JAPAN
Chiba Medical Center Chiba, JAPAN
The Impact of Oral Contraceptive Hormones on Anterior Cruciate Ligament Strength
Jason L. Dragoo, MD, Redwood City, CA, UNITED STATES
Jaclyn Konopka, BS, Palo Alto, CA, UNITED STATES Lauren Hsue, BS, Palo Alto, CA, UNITED STATES
Stanford University
Effects of Autologous Osteophyte Grafting for Open-Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy with Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate Spacers
Taiki Tokuhiro, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JAPAN
Eiji Kondo, MD, PhD, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JAPAN
Koji Yabuuchi, MD, Muroran, Hokkaido, JAPAN
Tomohiro Onodera, MD, PhD, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JAPAN Tomonori Yagi, MD, PhD, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JAPAN Norimasa Iwasaki, MD, PhD, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JAPAN Kazunori Yasuda, MD, PhD, Prof., Sapporo, Hokkaido, JAPAN
Hokkaido University Sapporo, Hokkaido, JAPAN
  Concurrent 3–Cozumel 3+4 11:00 – 12:00 Osteotomy and Meniscus
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