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ICL #28 Coba
Minimally Invasive Surgery:
Does It Play a Role in Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgery?
Chair: Thomas Bauer, MD, PhD FRANCE
Jordi Vega, MD SPAIN
Moderator: Alberto Cuellar-Avaroma, MD MEXICO
• Definitions of Minimally Invasive Foot and Ankle Surgery
• MIS Surgery for Chronic Ankle Instability: ATFL Repair
• MIS Surgery for Chronic Ankle Instability: Ligament Reconstruction
• MIS Surgery for Achilles Tendon Problems: Haglund and Tendinopathy
• MIS Surgery for Osteotomies Around the Ankle and Foot
ICL #29 Xcaret
Return-to-Sport Testing After ACL
Reconstruction: Should We Be Doing It?
Chair: James J. Irrgang, PT, PhD, FAPTA UNITED STATES
Eduard Alentorn-Geli, MD, PhD, MSc, FEBOT, FACGME SPAIN
Ricardo P. Bastos-Filho, MD, PhD, Prof. BRAZIL
Timothy E. Hewett, PhD UNITED STATES
Philippe Landreau, MD FRANCE
Bert R. Mandelbaum, MD, DHL(Hon) UNITED STATES Kate E. Webster, PhD AUSTRALIA
Moderator: Sebastián Irarrázaval, MD CHILE
This course will address recent studies that show return to sport (RTS) following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction reduces re-ruptures.
• Current Status of Return to Sports After ACL Reconstruction & Psychosocial Considerations for Return to Sport Decisions
• Biomechanical and Neuromuscular Control Factors that Should Be Considered in Return to Sports Decisions After
ACL Reconstruction
• Considerations for Return to Sports–Portuguese Experience
• Considerations for Return to Sports–Qatar Experience
• Considerations for Return to Sports–Spanish Experience
• Considerations for Return to Sports–USA Experience
ICL #30 Costa Maya B
Patellofemoral Cartilage Defects:
The ISAKOS Perspective
Chair: Seth L. Sherman, MD UNITED STATES
David Figueroa, MD, Prof. CHILE Yasuyuki Ishibashi, MD JAPAN Mario Ronga, MD, Prof. ITALY
Moderator: Carlos H. Yacuzzi, MD ARGENTINA
This course outlines for participants a clinical algorithm on how to approach and manage the spectrum of patellofemoral (PF) cartilage disease and injury.
• Patellofemoral Cartilage Defects Case Presentations
Instructional Course Lectures are included in your Congress Registration and are offered on Monday, May 13 through Thursday, May 16 from 07:30–09:00.
THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2019
      #ISAKOS2019 • Cancun, Mexico • May 12 – 16, 2019 57

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