ISAKOS Newsletter Editor - Call for Applicants

ISAKOS Newsletter Editor - Call for Applicants

ISAKOS Newsletter

The International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS) has issued a call for interest seeking qualified candidates from among the society’s Active Members, to apply for the volunteer position of Editor of the society’s biannual publication, the ISAKOS Newsletter. The Editor will serve for an initial term of one year (that will begin in March of 2024) with the option to renew for the 2025-2027 committee term.

For more than 25 years, the ISAKOS Newsletter has played an essential role in helping advance the ISAKOS Mission, serving as a vehicle for the worldwide exchange and dissemination of education, research and patient care in arthroscopy, knee surgery and orthopaedic sports medicine. The ISAKOS Newsletter features current perspectives on treatments and techniques, as well as important updates about the organization and its members. The ISAKOS Newsletter Archive can be found on Global Link.
Traditionally published twice a year—in March and September, the ISAKOS Newsletter includes current scientific perspectives submitted by the ISAKOS Committees and members. Each issue also contains information about the society’s Congress, future meetings, Approved Courses, and other society updates and educational opportunities.

Newsletter Editor Qualifications

  • Must be an Active Member of ISAKOS, in touch with the interests and specialties of ISAKOS’s global membership
  • Familiar with the society’s mission, Congress, publications, education and research programs; past experience serving in a volunteer role with ISAKOS is a plus
  • Past experience as an editor or part of an editorial team is desired
  • Candidate should have excellent written English communication skills
  • Demonstrated experience attracting, reviewing and editing scientific articles
  • Attention to detail and ability to adhere to deadlines are essential
  • Strong interpersonal skills are required, to effectively interact with authors, Editorial Board members, ISAKOS leaders and the office staff
  • Proven ability to understand and conform to established style specifications for the newsletter, which will be provided by ISAKOS
  • Interested in volunteering, with a flexible schedule that allows for volunteer commitment of approximately 4-8 hours of service per month
  • Available to serve a minimum 1-year term as Editor (March 2024-March 2025), with a possible 2-year renewal

Newsletter Editor Responsibilities

  • Ensures that strict deadlines are met for the timely biannual publication of the ISAKOS Newsletter
  • Work with the ISAKOS Office staff, to ensure appropriate content and oversee the publication process
  • Write an “Editor’s Message” to accompany each issue, submitted in a timely manner, to meet the requested deadline
  • Review, select, and oversee editing of the articles submitted for consideration by committees and members
  • Actively review articles and assist with editorial decisions about potential articles for publication on an ongoing basis
  • Review articles for content, style, and length and correspond with the author, as needed
  • Delegate eligible articles to be reviewed by the Copy Editor, and review any provided edits
  • Be available on short notice to review and turn around potential articles to ensure timely publication deadlines are met
  • Review final proof of each issue before publication
  • Can recommend/request appropriate Newsletter Editorial Board, leadership or committee members to review particular potential articles
  • Respond to communications from authors/membership concerning comments about the publication
  • Interact, as necessary, with other ISAKOS leadership concerning the Newsletter, and other ISAKOS publications
  • Solicit ideas from the Editorial Board, leadership and members on ways of improving the publication
  • Conducts Editorial Board meetings and conference calls, as necessary
  • Be available, if called upon, for review, comment or participation on website content or media platforms
  • Ensure that Editorial Board members’ expertise reflects the disciplines within ISAKOS
  • Upon completion of tenure, work with the future Editor for the successful transition of editorship duties

Sample Newsletter Production Timeline

Volume I

(Estimated Print Date: February 15th)

Development of Table of Contents November 1
Request for Editor Message November 1
Request for President Message November 1
Request to Committees for Current Perspectives November 1
Reminder – November 15
Reminder – November 25
Deadline for Editor Developed Content December 1
Deadline for Committee Content December 1
Content to Editor for Review As Received
Content to Copy Editor for Review As received from Editor
Content to Mosbrook for Design January 15
Print date February 15

Volume II

(Estimated Print Date: August 15th)

Development of Table of Contents May 1
Request for Editor Message May 1
Request for President Message May 1
Request to Committees for Current Perspectives May 1
Reminder – May 15
Reminder – May 25
Deadline for Editor Developed Content June 1
Deadline for Committee Content June 1
Content to Editor for Review As Received
Content to Copy Editor for Review As received from Editor
Content to Mosbrook for Design July 15
Print date August 15

Application Process

Interested candidates who meet the qualifications for this position are encouraged to complete and submit their application for the volunteer role of ISAKOS Newsletter Editor, along with a current CV. Additionally, all individuals must disclose all potential conflicts of interest and sign a Conflict of Interest form, which will be reviewed by ISAKOS leadership.

Candidates should prepare and submit an application to the ISAKOS Office via email to Please include the following with your application email:

  • A letter of application describing how you meet the qualifications for the role, detailing past experience, history of scholarship and surgical expertise in the field, and demonstrated capacity to manage deadlines and to attract contributors;
  • A statement of your vision for the ISAKOS Newsletter under your leadership, including how you would implement that vision; and
  • Your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume.

The deadline for receipt of application materials is November 15, 2023. Interested individuals should prepare and submit an application to the ISAKOS Office via email to

The ISAKOS Office will reach out to applicants for any clarification, if needed. After the applications have been reviewed, finalists will be selected, and interviews with finalists will be scheduled. Candidates may be asked to interview in person in February 2024 during the AAOS Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA USA.

Key Target Dates

  • September 30-November 15, 2023: Submit application (including letter of interest, qualifications, CV, COI disclosure, and vision for the ISAKOS Newsletter)
  • November 16-December 15, 2023: Search Committee review of applications
  • January 2024: Finalist candidates selected and interviews scheduled
  • February 2024: Finalists interviews
  • March 1, 2024: New ISAKOS Newsletter Editor Selected
  • March-August 2024: Editor Training and Orientation/On-boarding
  • September 2024: First Issue of Newsletter Published under New Editor