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Media for Calcaneo Fibular Ligament

Results : 6 Media Items

The Role of Calcaneofibular Ligament (CFL) Injury in Ankle Instability: Implications for Surgical Management

Paper Abstract   Web   2017   rating (1)

Kenneth J. Hunt, MD, UNITED STATES Pieter D'Hooghe, MD, QATAR Judas Zed Kelley, BA, UNITED STATES Nicholas Anderson, BS, UNITED STATES Richard Fuld, BA, UNITED STATES Todd H. Baldini, MS, UNITED STATES Isakos Laf Committee, MD, UNITED STATES Hélder M. D. Pereira, MD, PORTUGAL

Foot Ankle Ligaments Trauma Sprain Basic Science Biomechanics Anterior Talofibrilar Ligament Calcaneo Fibular Ligament

Arthroscopic Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction : A Preliminary Anatomical Study

Paper Abstract   Web   2015   Not yet rated

Thomas Bauer, MD, PhD, FRANCE André Thès, MD, FRANCE Jerome Cournapeau, MD, FRANCE Mathieu Ferrand, MD, FRANCE Philippe P. Hardy, MD, PhD, Prof., FRANCE

Ankle Capsuloligamentous Complex Ligaments Instability Sprain Arthroscopy Autograft Endoscopy Repair / Reconstruction Sutures / Knots / Anchors

Frequency of Foot and Ankle Injuries in Professional Soccer Players Following the Introduction of Prehab that Incorporates Elements of the FIFA 11+

Paper Abstract   Web   2013   Not yet rated

Neil Jain, BM, MRCS(Ed), FRCS(Tr&Orth), UNITED KINGDOM Steve Kemp, MSc, BSc (hons) PG Dip (manips), GSR, MCSP, MMACP, UNITED KINGDOM Phil Hayward, MCSP, MMACP, UNITED KINGDOM David Murray, FRCS(Orth), UNITED KINGDOM

Ankle Ligaments Sprain Preventative Sports Medicine Team Physician Sport Specific Injuries Anterior Talofibrilar Ligament Posterior Talofibrilar Ligament Calcaneo Fibular Ligament Anterior Tibiofibular Ligament

In Vivo Kinematics of the Ankle During Gait Following Reconstruction for Chronic Ankle Instability

Paper Abstract   Web   2013   Not yet rated

Yoshimasa Fujimaki, MD, JAPAN Motoko Miyawaki, MD, JAPAN Eric Thorhauer, BS, UNITED STATES Victor Prisk, MD, UNITED STATES Scott Tashman, PhD, UNITED STATES

Ankle Bones Ligaments Trauma Instability Sprain X-ray MRI Medical Aspects Biomechanics