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Media for Concussion

Results : 7 Media Items

Practical Applications of Growth Factors, Cells, and Novel Therapies in Sport Medicine

Symposium   Video   2019   Not yet rated

Ramon Cugat, MD, PhD, SPAIN Chih-Hwa Chen, MD, Prof., TAIWAN Giuseppe Filardo, MD, PhD, ITALY Alberto Gobbi, MD, ITALY Johnny Huard, PhD, UNITED STATES Rodrigo Mardones, MD, CHILE

Knee Patellofemoral Tibio - Fibular Bones Cartilage Muscle Tendon Ligaments Meniscus Medial

Papers #179 - 180: Sports Medicine

Paper Presentation   Video   2019   Not yet rated

Luigi A. Pederzini, MD, ITALY Stefano Zaffagnini, MD, Prof., ITALY

Knee Ligaments Trauma Concussion Instability Posterior Pain Sprain Physical Examination MRI Basic Science

Combat Sports Injuries

Symposium   Video   2013   Not yet rated

John A. Bergfeld, MD, UNITED STATES Joseph John Estwanik, MD, UNITED STATES Seiji Miyazaki, MD, PhD, JAPAN Bas Pijnenburg, MD, PhD, NETHERLANDS

Foot Ankle Knee Shoulder Arm Elbow Forearm Wrist Hand Hip

The FIFA 11+ Programme is Effective in Preventing Injuries in Elite Male Basketballers: A Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial

Paper Abstract   Web   2013   Not yet rated

Umile Giuseppe Longo, Prof, MD, MSc, PhD, ITALY Mattia Loppini, MD, ITALY Alessandra Berton, MD, ITALY Giacomo Rizzello, ITALY Andrea Marinozzi, ITALY Nicola Maffulli, MD, PhD, MS, FRCS(Orth), UNITED KINGDOM Vincenzo Denaro, MD, PhD, Prof., ITALY

Ankle Knee Concussion Physical Examination Preventative Sports Medicine Evidence Based Medicine