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A Suprascapular Nerve Arthroscopic Anterior and Posterior Release in Elite Volleyball Players

George D. Tsikouris, MD, Athens, Kolonaki GREECE
Athens Kolonaki Sports Medicine Center, Athens, Kolonaki, GREECE

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A suprascapular nerve arthroscopic anterior & posterior release in elite volleyball players



Suprascapular nerve (SSN) entrapment seems to be a common but often misdiagnosed condition especially in volleyball players. This fact leads to failure of conservative and operative treatment in athletes with persistent shoulder pain and dysfunction.


To make an early diagnosis of the suprascapular nerve (SSN) entrapment in volleyball players with simultaneous shoulder overuse syndrome and injuries. In addition, to point out that arthroscopic release plays an important role for their appropriate treatment and recovery.

Materials And Methods

40 elite volleyball players were treated arthroscopically from Jan 2005 to Nov. 2017 (16yrs to 34yrs, avg: 26yrs). 32 male and 8 female volleyball players were treated arthroscopically.

Natural history, clinical examination, X-rays, nerve conduction studies, EMG studies, MRI arthrography


All of them underwent an arthroscopic procedure for treating their main injury and during the procedure SSN release anteriorly and posteriorly was performed. Postoperatively, all of the patients had complete pain relief, especially at the posterior shoulder and the muscle atrophy was improved. Additionally, all of them regained gradualy full ROM to their dominant operated shoulder. 35 patients fully recovered at the preinjury level and were very satisfied, 3 were satisfied and 2 partially satisfied.


In patients with advanced SSN entrapment significant muscle wasting is often irreversible. This underscores the importance of a quick and accurate diagnosis to facilitate appropriate intervention. The volleyball players with an increased ROM of their shoulder predispose in SSN entrapment and shoulder injuries and vice-versa. Arthroscopic shoulder procedure for repairing the glenohumeral pathology with a simultaneous arthroscopic SSN release seems to be the appropriate treatment regarding to our current results.