ISAKOS: 2019 Congress in Cancun, Mexico

2019 ISAKOS Biennial Congress ePoster #1032


Assessment of the Knee Articular Cartilage through MRI-T2 Mapping at Five Year Follow-Up of Meniscal Allograft Transplantation

Luis Tomas Llano, MD, Queretaro, Queretaro MEXICO
Francisco Cruz-Lopez, Mexico City MEXICO
Anell Olivos-Meza, PhD, Mexico City MEXICO
Francisco Perez-Jimenez, MD, Mexico City MEXICO
Clemente Ibarra, MD, Mexico City MEXICO

National Institute of Rehabilitation, Mexico City, MEXICO

FDA Status Cleared





Clinical improvement after a meniscal allograft transplant (MAT) has been demonstrated. So far there is not enough evidence to demonstrate its chondroprotective effect.


The water relaxation times (WRT) of the articular cartilage remain within normal parameters at 5 years of MAT.


An uncontrolled clinical trial involving 24 patients between 19 and 46 years with a history of total meniscectomy. MAT was performed with gamma-irradiated (GI) or fresh frozen (FF) graft according to availability, performing clinical evaluations and of water relaxation times with MRI-T2 mapping in an annual follow-up for 5 years.

RESULTS:24 patients, 13 (54%) female and 11 (46%) male with an average age of 31.33 ± 7.32 years, BMI of 26.68 ± 3.93 kg / m2, 21 (87%) MAT medial and 3 (13%) lateral, 13 (54%) MAT-FF, and 11 (46%) MAT-GI. The average time from meniscectomy to transplant was 21.62 ± 3.93 months. WRT femur pre-op (38.54 ± 1.67ms) vs 60 months (44.12 ± 1.96ms) with an increase of 5.58ms (p <0.01). Tibial WRT pre-op (39.86 ± 2.03ms) vs 60 months (45.96 ± 1.88ms) with an increase of 6.11ms (p> 0.05). Femur WRT pre-op 36.50 ± 4.51ms (GI) vs 36.59 ± 9.08ms (FF) with a difference of 0.09ms (p = 0.46). Femur 60 months: 41.10 ± 3.12ms (GI) vs 44.66 ± 6.57ms (FF) with a difference of 3.51ms (p> 0.05).


The measurements remain within normal parameters (30 ms-50 ms) with an increase of 1.11 ms per year for the femur and 1.22 ms for the tibia. There are no differences in the comparison between both types of grafts. MAT maintains the cartilage WRT within normal parameters at 5-year follow-up.